Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Spring Cleaning a little early! :)

I'm on a mailing list for a church in Aliso Viejo (it's right off of Alicia near Crown Valley?) that donates used children's clothes to families who are in need. Below is an email I got from her, requesting items! I try to hand down most of Abby/Christian's clothes but they also accept items like formula, wipes, antibacterial lotion, whatever families can spare for other families! I'll post the email below! It's called "Kids' Closet"

I keep a Huggies box in Abby's room and when the kids grow out of something, in the box it goes! They are great for holding things and less flimsy than a bag!

This has prompted me to take all my maternity clothes out too and start sorting through the pre-pregnancy clothes I own! Looks like I'll be going to Goodwill this week too!!!
Are you up for a challenge?

See if you can fill a bag with your kids' too small clothes and shoes (infant to size 14). Start simple - do one drawer (or if they're big enough, have them help you).

Bring that bag, just one, to Kids' Closet at 30071 Ivy Glenn Dr 92677 (LNPC parking lot)

The reason I'm challenging you is because yesterday a Head Start preschool director came and "shopped" for several families in Buena Park.
Our stock is nearly wiped out, praise God! We have helped so many families have a blessed Christmas season.
At the same time, we ought to fill it for the other families who are still in need and who are still finding us.

Please, don't wait until your ENTIRE kids' clothes have been sorted through. We need clothes now. Do a little at a time.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Fun day so far! :)

OK! Both kids are napping, an opportunity for me to update my blog! Amazingly, I'm not craving a NAP right now since I've been awake since 6-! I'll crash hard tonight I'm sure!!! :)

Busy morning! I'm becoming more and more forgetful! We were invited to a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party this morning which I completely forgot about! Thank you Chiara for reminding me! Here are some fun photos of the day! We made little craft books (reminded me of "Pat The Bunny") where we felt the hay from the manger, a piece of blanket like swaddling cloth, aluminum foil like the shiny star and a cotton ball like the fluffy sheep! Then, we decorated a manger page with stickers, sang Christmas carols and had birthday cupcakes where we sang Happy Birthday Jesus! We also had a felt board where Paula read the Christmas story :) It was a LOT of fun!

Also, Christian is 2 months old today! He's such a sweetie! As I mentioned in my blog earlier, he slept 9 hours last night, 9:00pm till 6:00am! Let's hope he repeats that tonight! Here are some pics I took of him today in his Christmas light outfit (thanks Laura!)! He's beginning to talk a lot more and looks around a smiles a lot! He follows our voices around the room too and enjoys it when sister is near :) A little girl at the party this morning was looking at Christian and Abby got very defensive! She started telling her "MY BABY"!

Ok, back to laundry and dishes! :)

God did it! What an answer to prayer!

God totally answered my prayer in so many ways this morning! When the alarm went off, Robby and I both got up! I slept from 11- till 6-, the first time in weeks that I've gotten a full 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep! Christian slept from 8:15 till a little after 6- but I was able to do my full Bible study homework completely uninterrupted! Then, I was able to pray through my notebook while my hand kept Christian's bottle in his mouth! What an amazing time with the Lord today! Robby and I have both been so encouraged! He wants us to do this again tomorrow! I just had to post this! That's the first time Christian has slept ALL night! Praise God! Please just continue to pray that we'll continue to get up! :)

A lady at Thrive a few weeks ago was talking about how we have our ideals on how our "quiet time" should be. For myself, I like it quiet, no distractions, just God and I on the couch with my Bible and prayer notebook. With 2 kids in the house and a husband, that doesn't happen! She told us that God meets us wherever we are, He's just happy we took the time, He just wants us. :) Just thought I'd pass that on!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

NO time to blog :'( sniff sniff

Life here has gotten a bit busier these days! Christian is awake a lot more and both children are desiring more love!

This week will bring about a big change. Robby found an office space! He moved in this weekend, starting bright and early tomorrow! We'll miss having him around the house!

Good news is Christian is on a pretty good schedule these days! He'll be 2 months old tomorrow morning :) He's sleeping between 6 and 8 hours a night. Tonight his last bottle was at 8:15 and went to bed right after that, so I'm wondering when he'll wake up! When I try and wake him at 11- to feed him, he doesn't want to wake up! He's BIG enough that the Dr. said he could go 11 hours, doesn't mean that he wants to though! Plus, with him sleeping in our room still, I don't like to hear him cry! I let him whimper for a while and when it turns in to crying and changing his diaper doesn't make him happy, then I give in and feed him a bottle, knowing it'll make him happy! We're down to 1 feeding during the night though instead of 2! I'm happy about that!

I'm going to try and commit to getting up at 6- am every day to start my morning off on the right foot! That will include, WAKING UP (I'm much more of a night person than a morning person), doing my Bible study with Robby, then I won't be such a zombie when the kids wake up! Usually, I let one of their 2 cries wake me! We'll see how this new plan works out!

This morning, I was up at 5:30 am giving Christian a bottle. By the time he was through, it was 6- and my alarm for church would be going off in 45 minutes! Instead of laying in bed thinking about all the things I could be doing, I got up and did them! I felt very productive and by the time 7- rolled around, I'd packed the kids diaper bags, had dressed and put makeup on, did my hair, did the dishes, loaded the car and I wrote out a list of things for Robby not to forget! I'm very proud of him! He took both kids to church today on his own! His first outing out with both of them! I sang in the Christmas choir at church and needed to be there by 8-! He wasn't far behind me, arriving 20 minutes early for the 9- service! ;)

Well, it's 10-pm already and I'm going to get up at 6-am! It should help that Robby's plan is to get up at 6- to start work! Pray we'll keep each other accountable!

I really miss blogging. Right now, I feel that my time is better spent making sure Abby doesn't throw something at brother while I'm typing away! ;)