Sunday, October 21, 2007

Busy, fun-filled weekend!

Last night, our /thrive group had an awesome Hawaiian Luau dinner which all four Millsap's attended! the food and fellowship were both excellent! This was Christian's first outing (besides the Dr.'s!). He did really well and big sis Abby enjoyed playing with all the other children! Our friends the Orndorff's hosted the event and have a great big backyard which Abigail loved running around in!

This morning, we all got up and went to the 9:00 am service at church. Robby took time off from worship team to help me adjust to getting both kids up, fed and dressed for church! It was very nice having him home. Many hands make light work! Church was awesome! I only missed a week (and it was a guest speaker the week I missed) so it was great to be back! I've only been out a few times this week so it was good to see friends today! Christian, Robby and I sat in the main sanctuary (instead of the cry room) while Abby went to class without any complaint! Pastor Mike has been talking specifically on the topic of sin and how we must make every effort to fight sin in our lives! The study we're doing in Hebrews has been great!

This afternoon, we're off to LA! We're going to visit my Dad who's being released right now from the hospital, 5 days after heart valve replacement surgery! He's recovering really well, thanks everyone for your prayers! It'll be a quick visit just to go say hi as, I'm sure, he'll be tired from a busy day!

If we're home in time too, I have our Mom's night out tonight! We're sharing holiday recipes at my friend Chiara's house which should be a lot of fun! The last time I looked, 15 mom's were coming! Robby's going to watch both kids (and game 7 of the playoffs) while I'm gone ;)

Ok, I'm off to take a quick nap before both kids wake up and it's time to go!