Friday, September 19, 2008

Baby Items

Hello friends!

Some of you may have a new baby, are expecting a new baby, or, know of someone who could use some items! I currently have these things I'd love to borrow out so others can use!

Within Arms Reach Side Co Sleeper crib-

Boppy cloud pattern-

Bathtub that fold down for easy storage- Jen Gray

Black Baby Bjorn-

Baby swing Laura Ashley pattern-

Infant Car Seat Laura Ashley pattern-

Extra Infant Car Seat base- Chiara Hawley

Toy mobile- Katy McCrory

Bouncy Seat Fisher Price- Katy McCrory

Nursing shawl and burp clothes- Katy McCrory

If you'd like to borrow something listed above, please just leave me a comment or send an email to!