Saturday, July 28, 2007

A busy week!

This week, Abby and I did at least 2 things each day, every day! I think it finally caught up with us this afternoon how busy we've been! We had a lot of fun though!!!

We were scheduled to go to the park with my prayer partner Tracey but unfortunately, it was RAINING! Strange for the middle of July? Instead, we went to McDonalds Playplace where Abby enjoyed playing with Tracey's 3 girls! Then in the afternoon, we started our first "Mommy and Me" swimming lesson! Abby learned how to kick kick kick and we sang lots of fun songs! Swimming is great! It's 30 minutes where we're staying cool in a pool AND two of our friends are taking the class with us!

We met a new friend at a Park in Mission Viejo! A friend of a friend introduced us via email and we decided to get together! Our kids had fun playing in the sand and Abby enjoyed going down the BIG KIDS TUBE slide! Abigail has gotten very good at climbing steps at the playground. A few months ago she'd trip and fall on her face but now climbs up them really quickly and enjoys the challenge! She'll go out of her way to go up a big step rather than take the easy two step route! Of course, we had our 2nd swim lesson and Abby learned the back float and how to get dunked under water! Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a big FALL and you pull them into the water from the wall. She didn't enjoy this very much but is getting better at getting her face wet!

This was probably our most fun event of the week! Our Women's Bible Study group met at a Petting Zoo in San Juan! Abby REALLY enjoyed feeding the animals! She saw sheep and can say BAA now! She also fed rabbits and goats. They also had a train ride which she loved! At swimming Wednesday afternoon, we practiced the back float and kicking again! The teacher gives each child a floating fish and when they throw it, we have them try and kick to it!

This morning we stayed HOME and did laundry! My new neighbor dropped by for a little visit too while we were cleaning! ;) We did afternoon swimming lessons and Abby was a pro at climbing the steps to get out of the pool! She hesitated jumping in though! Thursday night was dinner at our friends the Hawleys house! Abby's "best friend" is Carter Hawley who's 16 months! They are taking swimming together :) We have seen Carter twice Tuesday, twice Wednesday, twice Thursday and twice on Friday!

We went to the beach! Abby and I woke up really late (8:30) yet still managed to pick up breakfast and get to Laguna by 9:30! This was definately the most difficult thing I've done with Abby yet this week! Getting the beach bag on the beach, walking Abby to and from the water, keeping us cool in the hot sun and then, when you leave, what a pain getting all that sand off!!! I'm going to have to rethink taking her to the beach alone again! We met up with some friends there but without Robby, it was hard! I also didn't feel well sitting in the sun after eating a DONUT for breakfast ;) Friday evening we were invited to a movie in the park! "Curious George" was showing! We had fun visiting with friends from church! Abby had her first cotton candy! She was so sweet! She loves her daddy so much! She just sat on the blanket with him and cuddled while eating her chips and candy! ;)

Today, after cleaning house a little bit more, we went SHOPPING! We purchased a new dresser for our baby boy! With less than 10 weeks to go, it's time to start washing baby clothes and getting things prepared for his arrival! How exciting! I have a Dr's appt. Monday morning to check on how things are going but I'm feeling fine :) What a praise!

That's all for now! I'll try and post another update next week!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend with my family!

This weekend was nice. We visited with my sister Rosemary and her husband Nathan. My brother in-law is in the Army and they have been stationed in Germany since October! It was great to be able to spend some time with them both! Friday, they came for lunch and fun time with Abby and in the evening we enjoyed pizza and Coldstone! They stayed overnight and then we all got up Saturday morning and drove to my parents house in Manhattan Beach. we hadn't visited with them in a few months so it was really nice to see them. Abby had a great time playing in the playhouse my dad had built for us when we were children. There was a toy piano, a baby doll and crib, a little stroller. She had a blast! We also took her to the toddler park down the street which she loved! Sunday, we took these photos of the family and said our goodbyes.

Photo from left to right:
Nathan Rosemary Holly Judy (my Mom) Don (my dad) Robby and Abby