Friday, August 10, 2007

Getting Excited!

Today, the baby dresser arrived for Christian! It looks SO nice! We've temporarily put it in Abby's room :) She was excited to hear that it's for the new baby! She runs in there to look at it and says "baby"! She also loved showing it to Daddy when he got home from work!

Tonight, Abby helped me go through 3 bags of fun purchases! It's time to start cutting tags off of outfits and getting them washed in Dreft and put in the drawers! A girlfriend of mine today gave me size 1 diapers! It's amazing how little they look compared to Abby's size 5's!

About a month ago, we purchased an organizer too for Abbys toys. I'd removed all the "baby" toys and put them in a bag for Christian to play with once he arrives. Abigail enjoyed playing with ALL of them tonight!

We have less than 8 weeks to go or more specifically, 54 days left till his due date!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

My daughter, the climber!

Over the last few months, Abby has enjoyed the challenge of:
learning how to climb into her stroller
learning how to climb the 2 step step-ladder in the garage

Well today,
she learned how to climb BACK into her highchair! Apparently, she can lift her little foot high enough to place on the foot board and then LIFTED herself back into the seat. This is due to her fascination with buckles!

I wonder, if my little GIRL is this active and adventurous and boys are supposed to be even MORE active than girls, how will my little BOY be?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Another busy week! So original!

Sunday started with a spontaneous trip to DISNEYLAND! We were watching a Rick Steves Tourism Show about Naples, which made us miss our favorite date spot "Downtown Disney's Naples". This led us to calling a sitter to see if she could watch Abby while we went out to eat! The sitter wasn't available so Robby said "let's go to Disneyland"! At 3:00 in the afternoon we left! Abby had a BLAST! She LOVED the rides! In fact, after the rides were over, she'd start crying because she didn't want it to end! Her favorite was the carousel, which she rode with Daddy 3 times!!!

I also learned that I can't leave Robby unattended for a minute! I literally ran into a restroom in Disneyland for a minute to make sure they had a baby changing table! I came back out and he'd purchased MINNIE EARS for Abby! I do have to admit, she looks pretty cute in them! He said he didn't even look at the price tag, they could have been $1,000-! She said she wanted them so he got em! Abby's SUCH a Daddy's girl. When he's home from work, all she wants to do is sit in his lap. He says he's looking forward to having 2 babies sitting with him! Only 57 more days till Christian's due date!

Earlier in the day, we got to show Daddy all the pool moves we'd been learning at swimming class! The YMCA had an open house day to check out their newly renovated pool! Abby had fun splashing around their wading pool area designed just for little kids! Pictures won't be posted until the end of Summer I'm afraid, they are on our KODAK WATER camera which still has a few shots to go!

This past week was busy with Swimming again! I also took Abby to a free showing at Regal Cinemas of "Elmo In Grouchland"! She lasted for about an hour! Once I set her in her own chair in the theater, she just wanted to keep climbing in and out of it! We've since purchased this movie on DVD! It's $5.50 at Target ;)

Wednesday morning, we skipped going to the beach with our Bible study group. It's just too tough watching/chasing Abby at the beach. I came home way too tired! We ran errands instead and, Abby got her first professional hair cut! You sit in a ROCKET SHIP and, each child has their own TV and basket of toys to play with! Her little curls are gone but I'm sure they'll grow back! At least her bangs are straight now!

Thursday after swimming lessons ended, Abby and I rushed home to finish packing for a 5 day trip! We were invited to a cousins wedding in Clarksburg (Nor. Cal.)! We split up the drive by going to Robbys parents house in Bakersfield! Robby took a few days off of work so we could take our time coming home and enjoy our family visit. He went golfing Friday morning, I got to go shopping at the mall with his Mom, sister and Abby! We had fun! Then, Saturday morning, we all drove to Sacramento to our hotel before going to the wedding! Carpooling was so much fun! We've done this once before for a family reunion last year in San Jose! Abby loves having the WHOLE family in the car! She did well too on the 4 1/2 hour drive!

The wedding was beautiful! The brides dress was gorgeous, the weather was nice and cool, and the location, a beautiful vineyard at sunset! Abby got to meet her cousin Natalya who's 3 months older! She really enjoyed dancing with her! We got to visit a little bit too with Robby's awesome grandparents! It was great to have the family all together!

At our hotel, Abby LOVED the adjoining room! In the morning, she was able to knock on the door that separated our room from her grandparents room and enjoyed running back and forth between the two! We brought our portable DVD player too and she kicked back on our bed and watched her Elmo DVDs.

Robby and I had a nice date over the weekend too! Robby's parents watched Abby while we went and saw the new "Bourne" movie, ate dinner and just enjoyed each others company walking around the Marketplace in Bakersfield. We listened to the fountain, went to the bookstore, held hands. It was very nice :)

We came home yesterday afternoon. It's good to be back home. Robby liked having a few days off from work and we liked having him around! The suitcases are all unloaded, the car is clean again, now I just have to catch up on laundry! :) Maybe later ;)