Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Abby is 2 :) (Note: 1 of 3 posts from today! Scroll down!)

We had a little party for Abby's 2nd birthday! The pics are long overdue :) We had a tough time planning this one since Abby knows so many friends from all her activities at church. These are pics of the 27 kids and 23 adults that were present!

We're so blessed to have such an awesome church family!

Thank you too to my parents, brother and sister who came and kept my 2 kids entertained! Christian slept on my Dad the entire time, my Mom made the mac and cheese, Phil entertained our dog, and Holly chased Abby around the house!

Abby loves the show "Blue's Clues"so we had a Blue themed party!

Her best bud Carter was out of town for her party so we had CarCar and Chiara over for a playdate and cupcakes!

Today :)

Today, my girlfriend Jamie drove down from Torrance to visit :) She and I have known each other since 8th grade. We met through AWANA at Community Baptist Church in Manhattan Beach. We went to AWANA Scholarship Camp together, competed in AWANA National Competitions together in Chicago, camping in Joshua Tree, I introduced her to her husband, we've been in each others weddings, I was at the hospital when she had her 1st child :)

I had a fun time today reminiscing :) I don't have a lot of friends that I can say I've known for oh my goodness, 13 years! We've been through good and bad times, high school boyfriends, parents having scary surgeries. It's neat to see how our relationship changes throughout the years, how we've gone from two 14 year olds to married adults with kids!

Here are some pictures of our 5 children! Shannon is 7, Jacob is 5, Kaitlyn is almost 2, Abby is now 2 and Christian 3 months!


In the past week, 2 young actors have died of apparent drug overdose. These were guys my age, who I grew up watching in films like "Tom and Huck" and "First Knight". Heath Ledger, age 28, has a 2 year old little girl. I think about how sad it'll be for his little girl not to grow up knowing her father. Brad Renfro was 25.

News like this makes me sad. How there's something inside all of us that's missing, that's longing for completion. These guys turned to drugs instead of to Jesus. :(