Monday, September 10, 2007

Making Progress!

Ok! I went to the Doctor today for my 37 week checkup! She said we're 50% effaced and at least 1 loose centimeter dilated! Over the weekend, I had 3 pretty strong contractions too, which is exciting! I'm HOPING for Sunday, the 16th since family will be in town! It's the MOST convenient date ;) We'll see what God has in store though! The Dr. said it could be anytime, or he could come on time! We technically have 23 days till my official due date!

Thank you Chiara for watching Abby while I was at the Doctors and thank you too to Tiffany and Meg who offered! It's SO much easier going in for an appointment when Abby isn't there :)

Another HUGE praise, Robby found out today that he'll be able to take a full week off from work to help with the new baby! This is awesome news!

Thanks to all our friends for their continued prayers! Everything is looking good! Check back in a week for another update! I go to the Dr's again NEXT Monday! :)