Monday, March 3, 2008



Robby and I were stopped on the 15 freeway Friday night and were hit in the back by 2 other cars.

Right before we got hit, we'd enjoyed a nice dinner and a movie. It was 9:30pm and we were discussing how early it was and how we could watch another movie in our hotel room cause it was so early! We were waiting in a backed up line to exit the freeway when we heard a crash behind us. There was a few seconds of pause and relief where Robby and I thought we'd missed the accident and then BAM!!! The Tahoe that hit the Civic that hit our Accord, both cars had their airbags deployed but we were able to drive our car after the accident!

Our Honda sustained a substantial amount of damage. The Insurance assessor came today and said there's $3,200- worth of damage and until the body shop gives a final estimate, we're not sure if the car will be "TOTALED" or not. Either way, we're thankful to have not sustained any injuries other than whiplash and that our kiddos were safe at home, and not in the back seat!

Thrive :)

Robby and I were so happy to see SO many Thrive couples at the Marriage Retreat! There were 12 couples!

We sat at a table with Mike and Shannon Primicerio and Kristi and Michael Carlson and got to know them better :)

We also enjoyed talking with the other Thrive couples there, the Grays, Darms, Kroekers, Donaldsons, McCrorys, Youngmans, Konkins and Sanchezs!

3 couples from group 6 were there :) James and Katy, Taylor and Becky and Robby and I :)

We had SUCH a great time and, if you can go next year, I'd highly recommend it! We each received mini-piggy banks to start saving up for Marriage Retreat 2009! What an awesome time to reconnect with our spouses!

We're Home! ! ! ! ! :)

Things are almost back to normal at the Millsap house! ;)

My Mom came early Friday morning and we took the kiddos to the Mall for a 3 hour shopping spree! It was so much fun! We also did lunch @ Ruby's and the kids came home and took a great nap!

I frantically packed and we left the kids in my Mom's capable hands! I didn't worry at all the whole time we were gone! My Mom even found time to send us email updates on how things were going at the house!

We came home to two happy children! Abby was coloring with markers with Grammy when we walked in! She said "Mommy, Daddy, I color!"

Thank you Mom for taking on the tremendous job of watching our two kiddos for 48 hours BY YOURSELF!!! You did an awesome job and we're so thankful for you :)