Thursday, September 27, 2007

Non Profit Organizations

I decided to add a section to my page called "Non Profit Organizations". Currently, I only have 1 listed! This is something that's dear to our hearts! A close couple from our church have a little girl named Jordan Joy who was born a year ago (9/30) with a cleft lip and palate. They made us aware of this awesome website where for $250- can give a child a new smile :) Robby's sister Tara was also born with a cleft palate. You can read all about Jordan and her amazing story! They are linked to my page under "Gray Family"!

As I find more non profits that touch our hearts, I'll add links to to the section!
Thanks for reading!

Other updates! :)

I haven't posted much about the rest of the family lately! My mind is mostly on baby these days! I did want to share some photos I've taken in the past couple months!

A few weeks ago, I had Abby's pictures done @ JC Penney! They turned out great! They have AWESOME money saving coupons too! Free sitting fee and $3.99 for a sheet, plus a free 8x10 just for going! These are available on their website to simply PRINT out! We're planning on going again once baby is a little older :)

Robby and I had a nice getaway weekend at Disneyland Hotel 2 weeks ago! Robby's family came down to watch Abby while we stayed overnight! We had a nice dinner and just felt so relaxed! It was awesome! Robby also surprised me with a trip to see "Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat" last month! Dinner Theatre was a lot of fun!

Abby's 20 months now! She's talking up a storm these days! She's working on 3 word sentances! Mommy up please? Love you my Daddy. Every day she learns how to say more and more words! Robby and I are having fun trying to figure out what she's saying to us! Recently also, she learned how to use a STRAW! She's never been interested until Daddy got some nummy lemonade! She still likes to tip the cup up though, so liquid spills out the top all over her!

Check out our pics! :)

Week 39!

Thanks for your prayers yesterday!

I went to the Dr's and she said I'm still @ 3cm but now at 60% instead of 50%! She said the baby could come anytime this week! Rather than schedule an induction, since everything looks fine too, we're going to wait it out and see when little Christian decides to arrive! I asked too how big she thought he was and, she didn't think he's @ 8 pounds yet! is a Abby was 8lbs 4 ozs and 2 days early so I'm hoping he won't get SO big in there that I'll need an emergency C section! I go back to the Dr. on Tuesday, the 2nd, the day before he's due!

I was really hoping baby would arrive Wednesday. That was MY plan though, not God's timing obviously! If you could pray that if the baby doesn't arrive today that he'd wait till Monday? ;) That way, Robby can still go to the Men's retreat and not have to race home!

My Mom is coming this Friday to stay with Abby and I through the weekend while Robby's gone! We should have a fun time watching TV, eating snacks and most importantly, taking it EASY on the couch ;)

Oh another huge praise! The last 2 nights, I've gotten 7 hours of sleep! The first night was completely uninterrupted sleep too and the 2nd night, I only woke up once and was able to go right back to sleep! I'm feeling a lot more rested, surprising for being so far along! When I had Abby, I was rested everyday since I could sleep in ;) That's not the case now since Ab's is up by 7-!

Will keep you posted on baby progress!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Getting things accomplished!

First off, with Halloween approaching, Robby and I wanted to come up with some creative costumes for the kids! I found an awesome website that had what wanted and, if you blog about them, you get free shipping! This is great because, I didn't have to DRIVE to find them, I just looked online! Their prices are really good too and don't forget the free shipping offer! (you get an email after you place your order) Their website:

Next, another big thing off my mind is my THANK YOU cards! Having a surprise shower thrown, I was completely caught off guard! I hadn't even purchased cards to write thank you's on yet! I wrote the last one this morning at 4:00am ;)

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I go in to the Dr's for my 39 week checkup! I'm wondering if baby Christian is EVER going to arrive! I'm trying to maintain a positive attitude, but each day I grow bigger and bigger and get more and more uncomfortable! I'm ready to have this baby OUT! :) Sigh :)

Well, I'm off to get a few hours of sleep before Bible study and Dr's! Great news is, Robby is going to take a 1/2 day tomorrow and watch Abby while I'm at the appointment and then starting Thursday will be working from HOME till baby arrives!!! :)

More tomorrow...