Saturday, September 22, 2007

Week 38 1/2 ;)

We are 11 days away from my due date! My last checkup Monday put us at 3 cm and 50% effaced. I thought my water broke Wednesday but a 2 hour trip to labor and delivery proved otherwise. We had 4 false alarms with Abby ;) I'm am eagerly anticipating meeting our little boy!

Other updates:
Today, Abby and I went out running errands, a very brave thing for me as I've been trying not to go anywhere in the event we go into labor! I was SO proud of myself! We went to 3 stores, more than we've done in WEEKS! As soon as I drove in the driveway and was applauding myself for getting SO much accomplished, my pride faded quickly. As I got out of the truck, I totally fell on my BUTT! This scared me SO bad! I started screaming for Robby to come help as I lay helpless on the garage floor. Looking back, it's pretty comical but NOT at the time! He comes RUNNING out of the house with the dog, wondering what is going on! Thankfully, I didn't fall on my stomach. My poor rear took the brunt of the fall. It wasn't raining when we left for our errands but by the time we got back, the car was soaked outside which made for a very slippery garage floor. Of course, I was in flip flops too which provided no traction whatsoever!

This made me remember when I was pregnant with Abby! I was probably 3 weeks away from delivery and was out getting last minute Christmas errands done when I fell hard on my knees walking up a step into Office Max. Again, I was so proud of all that I accomplished, I thought I'd do ONE more store since I was feeling so great! Again, thankfully, I didn't fall on the baby!

Last update for the week, I'd request prayer for my Dad, Don. He had an angiogram on Tuesday that detected a valve in his heart that needs to be repaired. He's supposed to go in for surgery sometime in the next 26 days, date is pending. It looks like it'll be in the 2nd week of October, a week after baby is due.

I know God's perfect timing is going to work everything out :) Robby leaves for Men's Retreat this Friday through Sunday so ideally, I'd want the baby to come before or right after that! ;) I'm hoping before! We'll see what happens! :) I'll keep you posted ;)