Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Latest update on Robby's Dad

Last week he went in to his Doctor in Bakersfield who recommended they remove his spleen and then start chemotherapy. He's been diagnosed with Stage 4 B cell lymphoma.

Greg decided to a second opinion and switched Doctors! This new Doctor works at a Cancer Crisis center and has a whole team he works with! The other Doctor commuted between hospitals, was a hematologist and not a specialist in cancer, and he hadn't seen many cases like Dad's.

The new Doctor is treating Greg with with a chemical treatment to try and get his body to start producing blood again. They are hoping to see results this week! Once all his treatments are completed, he'll start chemo.

The first day of treatment (Wed. the 11th) the Doctor had to stop because Greg's body started shaking and when they'd ask him questions, he was unresponsive and wouldn't answer them. He received half the treatment he needed and went back again Thursday for the second half. This time, there wasn't a bad reaction, which is a praise!

Greg had his blood drawn yesterday (Monday, the 16th) and we should know the results tomorrow (Wednesday, the 18th) to see if his blood level has increased.

Thank you for your continued prayers and concern for Greg.