Saturday, June 30, 2007

Abby and Baby Updates from the last few months!

Abby 18 month update! 7/16/07
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Ok, so instead of doing the responsible thing while my daughter naps like, folding the laundry, straightening up the house and unloading the dishwasher, I'm going to post an update on my blog!

We had Abby's 18 month Dr's appointment today! Our little girl is now 24 pounds 9 ounces and 33 inches long! This puts her in the 90th percentile for her height and the 60th percentile for her weight! Looks like she's got her daddy's tall genes! The Dr. was impressed with her vast vocabulary consisting of over 30 words and was really surprised when I said she can do some two word sentences! He said that usually comes later! Sure, it's "up please" or "hi daddy" but they are 2 word sentences! She also got two shots! She took the first one with not even a flinch but the second shot stung and she cried for a few minutes. She's a trooper though! :) I opted to still not get the chickenpox shot, even after our church scare! (I did find out at my dr's appt. last week that I AM immune to chickenpox, which will be great for when I'm treating my kids when they catch them!) As far as health goes, she's healthy too! Belly looked good, heart sounded great and her back is straight! All huge blessings!

In other news, we are 10 1/2 weeks away from our due date! If anyone has been praying I'd sleep better, thank you! It's working! I sleep about 5 1/2 a night now at least (and only having to get up once during that time)! This has been great! Hopefully I'll be able to keep sleeping up until our baby boy arrives! :)

After the Dr's, Abby and I got to visit with her Grandma Millsap at the Irvine Spectrum! She was shopping with some girlfriends today! They drove all the way from Bakersfield to "hit the mall and the beach"! We had a great time seeing her!

My sister and brother in law are in town from Germany visiting for the next two weeks! It'll be nice to get to visit with them a little bit over the weekend! Also, my dad turned 62 today! :) It also seems like my parents won't be moving to Montana anytime soon. Their escrow fell through but they are at peace with it for now, which is good.

That's about it for this week!

26 down, 14 to go! My baby has clothes! 6/17/07
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Today was SUCH a great day! It was just a GREAT day! My cheeks still hurt from SMILING SO much!

First, Abby and I went shopping with my girlfriend Carrie for BABY BOY clothes! I picked up soe really cute outfits for Christian! This made me feel really good since, as of right now, I don't have ANYTHING for him! Robby and I did go "window shopping" over the weekend to look at things we might purchase but as of now it's "too soon". I still have 3 months to go ;)

It's hard for me because, as SOON as we heard Abby was a girl, we were decorating her bedroom THAT weekend! I feel I'm a little behind since, we found out over a MONTH ago (wow) that we're having a BOY!

Ok, so back to today!

Awesome day shopping with my girlfriend!

Then, I come home and my Dad helps me figure out a TON of mini-obsticals around our home! 1 for instance) It takes my washing machine 10 minutes to fill up with water! This means it takes OVER an HOUR for a load to get washed. He was able to loosen some valve and, it's like 8 MINUTES faster, making each CYCLE faster which, makes laundry GO FASTER! This is HUGE for me as, I've had the water people come out to check my pressure to fix the problem. I've been living with it for 3 years just figuring that Orange County Water flows slower than LA water ;)

Ok, so after Dad helps fix things around the house, I get a phone call!

My sister in law calls and we talk for like 30 minutes! It was SO great! She's SUPER excited about her new nephew and can't wait to give me the hook ups cause, she has a JOB in a BABY STORE! Everything she described sounds SO cute too! I can't wait to check out the shop!

Then, after talking with Katie, my brother Phil calls! Now, Phil moved to Michigan May 6th and I've only gotten 1 myspace from him since then! (and it was a general bulletin with a hi Bec thrown in) We talked for 30 minutes! That's the longest I've EVER talked to my brother on the phone! It was awesome!

Of course Abby, not used to seeing Mommy on the phone for SO long ;) insisted on me giving her chocolates to keep her happy! This resulted in her not wanting to eat dinner :) Oh well! These were SPECIAL calls!

Today was a great day! I just had SO much fun! Thanks Katie and Phil, thanks Dad, thanks Carrie!

PS Robby called at lunch ;) That's a highlight of the day too as we usually only get to talk online! Can't let my great day end without a shout out to my hubby ;) Love you!

Sleepless nights and no binky! 6-18-07
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We have less than 4 months till the new baby arrives! I had my first "bad night" of sleep since being pregnant! We went to bed about 12- and 4:30, I was wide awake! Since it was a Saturday night/Sunday morning, I didn't get an opportunity to nap either, but made it through the day!

Also, Saturday night, Abby left her ONLY binky at church! This meant that she had to learn to fall asleep without it! She cried off and on for an HOUR before finally konking out! We found her binky in the nursery Sunday morning but decided that she could live without it! Pray for me this week as I constantly am saying to her "where's your binky, put your binky in" anytime she gets whiney!

In other news, for Father's Day, Robby continued our landscape project! He ripped out 4 existing plants including a jasmine and a bugenvilia! We planted 2 beautiful palm trees in their place and, fixed a broken sprinkler line! Robby was such a pro, walking in to Home Depot knowing exactly what PVC pieces he needed :) Very impressive! Our front yard is really looking great these days! Next, we want to tackle our corner where our huge King Palms have grown. It's just covered in ground cover neither of us like and flowers we find "not our style"!

Abby had fun playing in the mud! We gave her a hand shovel and she liked putting dirt into a bucket. Such a helper ;) It's only when she decided to taste the dirt that we brought her back in the house!

Our neighbors house had been on the market but just sold this week! If escrow goes well, we should have new neighbors next month! We've heard it's a nice young couple with a young child! We're looking forward to making some new friends :) After our neighbors moved and had renters move in, we never met them! I told Robby, we'll be sure to bring cookies over or something to introduce ourselves with!

We had a BUNCH of friends this weekend dedicate their children at church! It's awesome to see the amount of young couples in our community! There were 12 different families and we knew 7 of them!

In other news, with less than 16 weeks to go, it's time to start thinking about preparing for new baby! We've decided to get an awesome side bed bassinet for him to stay in until Abby's 2 and we buy her a big girl bed for her birthday! Hopefully, that plan will work well! Once he's sleeping through the night (hopefully at 8 weeks, like Abby did!) we'll move him into his own room! This will allow us to keep our guest room too through the holiday season in case family or friends want to come visit! :)

Abby's getting better at playing on her own, not wanting so much of Mommies attention! She's a sweetheart! Today, she grabbed my hair brush and loved brushing my hair into my eyes! She has this new face which is totally mine! She SCOWLS! I need to get a photo of it! It's the face I use when I'm totally annoyed!

Summer is here and we're enjoying more days at home. Being out of the house Wednesday mornings, Thursday nights and Friday mornings for church can be tiring so it's nice to have a break :)

It's getting warmer here! I'm very thankful we have air conditioning ;) Robby bought these "hurricane fans" or "tornado fans" (not sure what they are called ) also which help cool things off! It's only been like 81 here but I know it's going to get hotter, especially the bigger I get!

We had our Dr's appt. last Monday which went well! I'm measuring right on for 24 weeks, my blood pressure is low which is good! Now I just need to go for my glucose test and hopefully pass that!

Well, I'd better go check on Abby! That's all our current news! :)

Nothing new to report 6-14-07
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Yesterday, we hit week 24 of our pregnancy! Our little boy is much more mellow so far than Abby was! I've been feeling good, just TIRED all the time.

Abby and I are still enjoying being home together! I think she knows baby brother is coming because she's become VERY clingy! She just wants to get her hugs in while she can :) She loves to give my belly kisses which is SO sweet! We're working on playing on her own instead of wanting Mommy's full 100% attention!

Robby and I got away for a night this weekend! We went camping with 3 other couples from our church. This was the 3rd time ever we'd left Abby overnight! We had a fun time visiting with couples! Also, while they went on a 6 mile HIKE, Robby and I got to relax at our campsite, reading and napping!

Summer is finally here! Our marriage group and Bible study group has taken a break till September. I'm still meeting the girls from our marriage group once a month for accountability which is really awesome! Abby and I also do a park day with the girls from Women's Bible study! Next week, we're going swimming! :)

I'm also staying on top of planning a once a Month Mom's night out! The more I'm home with Abby, the more I see the need for a break sometimes! It's great to be able to just hang out and talk with other Mothers and not have to worry about our kiddos! Plus, Abby gets to spend some terrific quality time with her Daddy!

My sister Rosemary and brother in law Nathan are coming to visit for 2 weeks during July! We're looking forward to seeing the both of them!

Oh, we are landscaping our front yard :) Kinda cool. This is a project Robby and I are working on together, designing where the plants and flowers should go, de-weeding planters. We spent most of Memorial Day weekend working out front!

Well, I think that's about it for now! We're just taking it easy at home these days! :)

Update on life :) 3-8-07
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I can't remember the last time I blogged! Just a few updates on a couple of things :)

Paris was incredible! We really enjoyed our trip! I can't believe it's been over a month since we went!

Abby is almost 14 months now and weighs in at a nice 22 pounds! My biceps are getting huge!!! ;) She's running everywhere now which is fun! When we go to the store now I can actually have her walk and hold my hand :) It's pretty cute! We're a little slow moving but we get it done ;) What else? She can sign 4 words (more, please, thank you, all done) and she can talk a little too! She says Mama, Dada, Dog, Bottle, baba, cracker, gurt (yogurt), she loves food and can communicate how to get it! ;) She's really smart too! The other day she lost something under the couch so she laid on her belly and said Mama while staring under there trying to get her toy! She loves balls and books right now. She's also started to help out with the laundry, pulling the socks out of the basket while I fold :) She also loves to attempt to crawl into the dishwasher and enjoys splashing in the dirty dishwater that collects in the door while I do a pre-rinse!

In other news, we're expecting another baby! Robby and I are very excited! :) I'm feeling really good, no nausea like I had with Abby which is a blessing! I do try and get a nap in everyday with Abby though! I came home from Paris so jet lagged, so exhausted when really, I was pregnant! Our new baby is due October 3rd which puts me at 2 1/2 months or 10 weeks, however you want to look at it! We're curious to see what a big sister Abby will be. Will she be kind and nurturing or jealous!? Whenever I attempt to sit near Robby or cuddle, she gets really upset and feels left out! Also, when I hold other babies, she hasn't been too happy about that either! We're hoping to teach her to LOVE her new baby sister or brother :) They'll be almost 21 months apart!

I also just celebrated my 26th (golden b-day)! It was a fun filled weekend! We went to visit both of our families and told them the great news about the baby through a cute "big sister" shirt we had Abby wear! Then, Monday night Robby arranged for our friends from church to babysit while we went out to dinner! When we came home, our small group was there with cake! A total surprise! My best birthday yet!

Robby and I are just so blessed. We're both really happy where we are right now. We have an awesome church family, awesome families, a sweet little girl, a good home, a great job. God is good and we thank Him for all He's provided.

Well, that's about all I have to share right now! I have to get Abby and I ready for church tonight! Write soon! :)

Some previous posts from myspace I thought I'd share :)

So blessed, so important! 7/3/07
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I just got a photo from our Women's Bible Study group leader! There are 14 Mom's in our group! These are women who I meet with on a weekly basis. We go through a Study together that our church staff puts together. Last year we did James, next year is 1st Peter. It's been so incredible having so many friends! I handle sending out all our prayer requests and praises! I love too being able to email any one of them for advice, whether it's about naps for Abby or transitioning to a toddler bed! These ladies are in the same stage of life as I am! We're all working on a common goal too, becoming Godly women, wives and Mothers! What a HUGE blessing our church has been to Robby and I! We just LOVE it!

This doesn't even mention the great THRIVE Marriage Group we have on Thursdays! Our group has been together over 2 years, 6 couples and it's been great knowing them and seeimg their families grow! When we started, there was 1 baby in our group, now there are 7 and 2 on the way!

If you don't have an awesome group of women like this, I suggest you find one! It's so great!

Obedience and patience! :) 6/18/07
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Something else we're really working on with Abby is to obey Mom and Dad and to be patient! We have her say please and thank you since month 10 of life and now she can actually SAY the words please and thank you (in her own baby language)! She's also gotten really great at, when we give her what she asks for, she automatically says thank you now without us prompting her! We love instilling these Godly characters in her :) She also loves to pray at meal time! Since she turned one, we've been taking ahold of her hands and we thank God for our meals! She says "Mamen!" when we finish!

Abby is learning too to not be impatient while she waits for Mom or Dad to, get her juice, make her dinner, get her toy down, etc.

I just purchased some CD's I used to listen to as a child called "Hide Em In Your Heart" by Steve Green. They are scripture verses set to music and, they came with a free DVD of the songs too! These will be great for driving in the car! Robby and I have been listening to some of the Disney DVD's as they play in the backseat and some of them say some words that children just don't need to learn! We were listening to "Madagascar" and they say "damn"! Is that really necessary? Yes, it is rated PG! "Toy Story" says "idiot" and when you listen to "Peter Pan" they say "imbecile"! Not the most edifying word. The worst is when Rose and I used to watch Pinocchio and I called Rosie a jackass after watching it!

Having been raised that babies aren't sinners, I've seen Abby be completely defiant to what I've asked her to do! I definitely see that she has a will of her own and she's not always wanting to follow what her Mommy asks her to do! I'll tell her "no" and she'll look at me and do it anyway, not caring what the consequence will be! She now knows how to say the word "no"! and really knows how to use it! She'll grab my cell phone which is a "don't touch, a no no" and I'll say "give it to Mommy". She looks at me, looks at the phone and then, as she's reaching out to hand it to me realizes, I want to keep this! She says "no!" and pulls the phone back, running towards her room to get away from me!

Our goal for our children is for them to grow up to love the Lord and follow Him. This means that Robby and I need to instill in them Godly morals and characteristics as well as pray for them!

I've started reading a great book called "Dare To Discipline" by Dr. James Dobson and have also purchased "Shepherding Your Child's Heart" by Ted Tripp and a book called "Temper Your Child's Tantrums" by Dobson also. We're hoping that by reading these books, they'll help give us guidance in raising our children :)

Abby's favorite things to do now when frustrated are:
To throw herself on the floor, face down and just scream
To hit Mom or Dad in the face (not acceptable behavior)
Hold her breath till her face turns red in protest!

We're enjoying these challenges as it challenges us to daily try and set a good example for her to follow.

Today I was thinking, wow, only like 4 more years till she'll be in school full time and then I'll be left at home without the kids! That made me a little sad and was a little scary! The plan right now is to send our children to Public School SO I really want to make sure my kids know the truth before sending them out into the world! Right now, Abby's only exposure to other kids is just her church friends! That'll change once we're in school!

I need to make the most of every day with her, hoping that if we "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."
[Proverbs 22:6]

Reminiscing- 6 years How Robby and I met!

Reminiscing- 6 years How Robby and I met! 4-12-07
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Time to take a few minutes to think back a bit :) Tomorrow, it'll have been 6 years since my first date with Robby Millsap! I remember how he asked me out :) I was at work in El Segundo and he IMed me! He said we worked really close (Santa Monica is a little far from El Segundo) and that we should go out to lunch sometime. I said ok and he said "let's skip lunch and go to dinner and a movie instead"! That worked for me too! Now, we set our date for FRIDAY the 13th! I didn't really know Robby (at all) so I didn't know if this was a BIG prank he and the worship guys were playing on poor me, or if this was a genuine date! I came home from work and got ready to go out :) He arrived RIGHT on time, very prompt! I made sure to answer the door instead of making him come in and meet my family :) That can be overwhelming, 5 people!

He was very polite all evening! We had a nice dinner @ Black Angus where, I made sure to eat a TON of meat! (His ex was a vegetarian, something Robby knew he couldn't spend his life with). We then stopped by his nice 2 bedroom apartment that he shared with our worship leader and friend, Brian. Robby grabbed his jacket, we talked with Brian and his fiancee Angela for a few minutes, then we left for the movies :)

We saw "Joe Dirt"! Not the most romantic movie but, it was a first date :) Robby didn't even attempt to hold my hand! I began to wonder if he even liked me at this point!!!

After the movie, we went to Starbucks for coffee (which I don't drink). I had a hot chocolate ;) We then went back to his apartment to watch another movie and just visit. We ended up not watching the DVD and just took the opportunity to talk and get to know each other better.

I don't recall the time but sometime after 12- I got a call from my Dad asking if I was alright! Time had been flying by as we sat and talked :) I told him I'd be home later, we were out talking, I was fine :) Robby ended up taking me home at 4:00am that morning!!!

During the night, I had fallen in love. I looked deep into his beautiful blue eyes and could see his sweet heart :) I came home and told my Mom, "he's the one". Having dated a few people, my Mom was skeptical, but I was convinced that I could spend the rest of my life with Robby. I couldn't sleep I was so excited!

Not knowing Robby's dating history, i didn't know if he was a Joshua Harris doesn't believe in kissing Christian, or if he thought kissing was alright? I remember sitting next to him on his sofa and asking if he believed in kissing on the first date! I loured him in! :) Sparks flew and fireworks exploded haha :)

The next day (April 14th) I waited for him to call, no call! He popped online and asked if I'd like to go out Sunday evening after church, I said sure. Sunday was Easter and I spent the last holiday ever @ my grandparents house. Looking back, I wish I would have invited Robby since he and his roommate had Weinerschnitzel's for lunch! I remember going out for ice cream with my girlfriend Beka and couldn't talk about anything but Robby and our date!

Sunday evening, I played it cool. I waited for him to come talk to me, pretending like nothing had gone on between us the night before. He came up after church and asked if we were still on for dinner so I said sure. We went to Olive Garden, my favorite place to eat :) I wish I could remember his exact words, I was just in a state of shock that a guy could say them! He said something to the effect that he'd like for us to start a relationship with the intention of marriage! I'd been waiting my whole life for a guy to say that to me! I said, I think I can handle that! :)

That was it! September 17th, Robby proposed! He could hardly contain his excitement and even ran into the wall running to go get the ring! That still brings a huge smile to my face :)

02/02/02 we were married :) We just celebrated 5 years together!

I love my life :) I have a great husband, a wonderful daughter and a new baby on the way! We are truly blessed! God has fulfilled the desires of my heart :)