Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A week old today!

WoW! What a week! We thank God for all He has done!

I had my first outing with both kids on Monday! Christian had his newborn checkup! He's a healthy boy! He's having trouble nursing, but this might also be related to how I've been having a busy week adjusting to two kids! He sleeps great through the night, in fact, I have to wake him up most nights to get him to eat! Because he's such a big guy too, our Ped's Dr. says he can sleep 8 hours straight without eating. Last night he went 4 1/2 before waking up hungry That's not quite 8 ;) He's also learning to sleep without me holding him, a bad habit I started with Abby that I'm not beginning with Christian! When he cries in the night, I sit up and hold him in bed and we fall asleep together! He came home from the hospital on a feeding schedule too which has been working out great for us so far! Christian's such a big guy, he's already in 3 month clothes!

Also on Monday, Robby went in to his office and resigned! God is so good! He has provided more than enough work for Robby to officially be self employed! This is a desire Robby has had since we met! I am so happy he now has the opportunity! He's working mostly from home and the kids and I are loving it!

Tuesday, (yesterday) my dad had open heart surgery to replace a misshaped valve. Today, he's awake and breathing on his own and talking! What an answer to prayer! He has a long recovery but today was already saying he thinks he's doing well :) His first words were "How are the kids" and told my mom "I love you" :) Depending on how he does in the hospital the next few days, he should be home Sunday or Monday.

We've been enjoying lots of visitors this week too! Abby loves having all her friends come to visit and play! Yesterday was Christian's first time really being awake and interactive in the morning so, Abby and I got a toy out for him! Check out our pics and videos!