Friday, September 19, 2008

Baby Items

Hello friends!

Some of you may have a new baby, are expecting a new baby, or, know of someone who could use some items! I currently have these things I'd love to borrow out so others can use!

Within Arms Reach Side Co Sleeper crib-

Boppy cloud pattern-

Bathtub that fold down for easy storage- Jen Gray

Black Baby Bjorn-

Baby swing Laura Ashley pattern-

Infant Car Seat Laura Ashley pattern-

Extra Infant Car Seat base- Chiara Hawley

Toy mobile- Katy McCrory

Bouncy Seat Fisher Price- Katy McCrory

Nursing shawl and burp clothes- Katy McCrory

If you'd like to borrow something listed above, please just leave me a comment or send an email to!

1 comment:

Jennifer Gray said...

Oh! I'd love to borrow the bath tub if/when Jordan has her surgery. I totally forgot and gave ours away. When she has a cast on her leg it works great to put a bag over it and hang it over the edge of the baby bath tub. If you still have it I'll take it and return it when we're through.
I am also interested in trading (short term trade for six weeks) a comfy lightweight stroller (not as flimsy as an umbrella stroller but not a graco big one either). We have a Chicco nice, very clean one, hardly used but the way the seat reclines isn't comfie for long rides and she'll be in that thing for six weeks. Anyone you know of that has one we could borrow or trade for a bit?